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Roll Off Dumpsters

roll off dumpster

AAction is a provider in all aspects of the solid waste and recyclable industry. Our aim is to provide a safe, economical, and friendly environment for both our customers and employees while also setting standards as a leader in the solid waste and recycling industry. AAction has always believed in personalized contact in order to never lose sight of what is most important: the customer.

AAction delivers Roll Off Dumpsters to fit your local needs. From small residential clean-ups to the largest of construction sites.


A roll-off dumpster "rolls" off the truck. They are larger than regular Commercial Business Dumpsters. Our dumpsters feature: an always open top,  a large door on the back of the container so you're able to walk material in and sides that are low enough for trash to be loaded from the side as well. We rent roll-off containers which can accommodate most jobs effectively.

Dumpster sizes and uses: 

20yard (can be used for *Clean Concrete, Construction Debris or metal).

30yard (can be used for Construction Debris(C&D), or Metal).

40yard (can be used for Construction Debris(C&D), or Metal).

*Clean Concrete is concrete that contains NO METAL

** All dumpsters can be used for one purpose only (ie. one dumpster cannot be used for both metal and concrete  etc.)

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