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Aggregate Sales

AAction makes and sells high quality recyled concrete products including, crushcrete, paverfines, oversize material, #4 stone, #57 stone and paver sand.

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recycled concrete products

Manufactured from recycled concrete, "crushcrete" is medium to fine sized material that compacts very well and is commonly used as road base, temporary and permanent drive ways parking lots etc.

rip rap oversised cruhed concrete

Manufactured from recycled concrete, "Oversize" are medium sizes cobbles commonly used for erosion control and temporary drives over soft/wet areas during construction activities. It is also well suited for drainage applications.

#57 stone

# 57 stone

Manufactured from recycled concrete, # 57 stone is about 3/4" in diameter and is suitable for reconstruction, landscaping and drainage applications.

#4 stone
# 4 Stone

Manufactured from recycled concrete, #4 Stone averages in size from 3/4 inch to 2 inch in size. Common Uses include : Irrigation applications, drainage applications, erosion protection.

Paver Fines

Manufactured from recycled concrete, "Paver Fines" are fine to very fine material that has excellent compaction properties.  Used as a  base material under pavers, brick or stone.

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